Parts Warranty

Any problem with the items that occurred during delivery must be reported right away within 7 days after receiving the product. Our strict quality control team cautiously checks your items before shipping them to you like all electronic products where some conflicts may take place. Before accepting the items from any courier company, you should confirm first if there are any surface damage.

The parts warranty is subject to assessment from our supplier which may take up to 48 hours before advice can be issued. Parts warranty covers the parts only. Postage will not be covered. For additional protection during transport, we will provide you with a professional shipment case and padding. Parts warranty is directly granted by the manufacturers .

Important: Pictures and videos of the damage or issue must be provided for further notice, where problems must be clearly addressed to avoid miscommunication. For a fast recovery of your items, it is best to follow the measures and recommendations provided by our support department who has an infrastructure working together with our engineers to resolve problems as promptly as possible. Unless there are physical faults, 90% of the time, issues are detected and worked out fast.

For technical support and issues, our support team and engineers are the ones dealing with these. Contacting our sales staffs, trainers, managers or directors for these kinds of issues may delay the resolution of these problems as they are not trained to deal with these kinds of conflicts.

We understand how frustrating it is when these very seldom errors happen with your machines or products. So, we will try to resolve issues like this as soon as we could. However, we are not held liable in any cases where there will be a loss of earnings or business if there are any problems with your products.

For the service or repairs of the machines, only qualified technicians should be used to fix any issues. If the machine is found to be tampered with during or after the warranty period, all consumable items will be declared void. Furthermore, the machine and consumables altered by unauthorised personnel will no longer be covered under the parts warranty.

During the Warranty Period

  • It is but natural for handles to weaken through time. So, to get the same effect as a new handle, it is necessary to increase the energy utilised. However, accidental damage, wear and tear to handle and filters are not covered by the warranty.
  • Due to several factors such as electric current, fragile glass, usage and the nature of the items, adaptors, power cable, glass or filters and other consumable parts are not covered by the warranty. Accidental damage is not covered by the warranty.
  • Any extended purchased warranty or new warranty should not be forwarded to another customer/business specifically to those did not have the training with us.

Worldwide Warranty – We will send the parts for your technician to fit with our professional regulation and support if there is not a repair base in your country. This applies promptly after you have accepted the machine. Additionally, sending us back the machine will not be ideal due to high postage costs internationally. This also applies to brand new machines which have a rare chance of being damaged during shipping. Since we have been doing this for many customers around the world; with our supervision and support it is very easy for us to promptly resolve the issue.

In any conditions, these warranty policies can’t be overridden by any of our staff/management.