Body Sculpting Training Courses

This procedure reshapes the body and manipulates muscle, fat, and cellulite in specific regions. I use lymphatic drainage to flush the body of impurities, which jumpstarts the metabolism and helps the body burn fat.
Cellulite is broken down, unsightly bulges are reduced, and orange peel dimples are smoothed out with this technique.

A quest to give the customer the curves they’ve always desired while also maintaining a firm toned figure post-operatively and non-operatively.

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Body contouring refers to a variety of cosmetic procedures that aim to reshape and improve the appearance of the body. Non-invasive fat reduction helps contour different parts of the body by removing stubborn pockets of fat.

Participants will master to body sculpting procedures throughout body contouring training, including (controlled chilling) and radiofrequency lipolysis (controlled heating and ultrasound).

The Columbian wood therapy in-class online training program gives therapists in-depth instruction so they can serve their clients with a non-invasive approach of body shaping and lymphatic wood massage.

This course will enable our students to produce high-quality work while also providing a firm basis for their skills and profession.

After completing the one-day Wood Therapy training course, you will be able to start your own Columbian Wood Therapy business and get started right away.

Anyone who wants to work as a cosmetic laser technician and perform procedures like Cool Sculpting needs body contouring training.

These medical aesthetic courses combine classroom instruction with hands-on clinical practice to prepare students to perform a variety of aesthetic treatments.


Fat Freezing Training Courses

Fat Freezing Training Courses

Learn how to perform fat freezing safely and effectively with our step by step training.

Fat Cavitation Training Courses

Fat Cavitation Training Courses

Promote your cavitation treatment to give clients a slimmer, smoother silhouette.

Columbian Wood Therapy

Columbian Wood Therapy

Learn how to use Columbian Wood Therapy to help your clients reduce cellulite & melt fat.