Body contouring license and certification

A lot of people are looking to get into the business of body contouring these days which is performing many different treatments for their clients including fat cavitation, ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency, RF skin tightening, fat freezing and many more

Question is do you require certification or licenses to perform these treatments?

This does depend on the state that you are in. Our courses depending on which one you buy does come with the four certificate of completion which may assist with insurance and any other licenses you may need depending on your state.

What we find in most states around the world and countries that no license is required or certification however it is advised to get certified as this does help you as well as the client get the best treatment possible. We provide incredible training and courses and this month we are running a special promotion only.

Body sculpting and body contouring certification gives you the confidence to perform the treatment safely for your client.

Cavitation and RF skin tightening certification also does give you the extra boost of confidence you may need to ensure that your client gets the best possible outcome for their money.