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Online Body Sculpting Courses

Fat Freezing Training Courses

Learn how to perform fat freezing safely and effectively with our step by step training.

Fat Cavitation Training Courses

Help your clients reduce cellulite and melt fat and watch word of mouth spread like wildfire.

RF Skin Tightening Training Courses

Learn how to provide non-surgical face-lifts and skin tightening treatments in your clinic.

Need a body sculpting certification fast?

In just a few hours, you can become fully certified in providing effective cryolipolysis fat freezing, ultrasonic fat cavitation and radiofrequency RF skin tightening treatments online. Increase your service offerings and grow your career today!

CryoForm Fat Freezing

Welcome to CryoForm Fat Freezing, Australia’s leading provider of online body sculpting training courses. Our expert trainers are proficient with many years experience providing safe and effective body contouring treatments such as cryolipolysis fat freezing, ultrasonic fat cavitation and radiofrequency RF skin tightening.

CryoForm Fat Freezing’s online certification training courses are specially crafted to help students like you obtain the knowledge and practical skills you need to prepare you for working with clients. Our online body sculpting training courses are well structured and easy to follow, covering all the essentials.

CryoForm Fat Freezing’s training courses empower graduates with a full understanding of the treatment techniques to enable them to set up their own successful body sculpting businesses upon certification and become qualified body sculpting professionals. The difference between CryoForm Fat Freezing and other training courses is the ongoing support we offer. We leave no student behind. Whether a student needs additional help with understanding how to perform the treatments or just wants to talk things through, they can contact us anytime.